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The Law Office of Mederos, Ormonde & Rascon is proud to be a general practice firm. We provide legal advice and assistance in a wide array of areas so that regardless of our clients needs, they are able to come in to our office and obtain assistance with their particular legal issues. From Dairy Lease agreements and land sale contracts to estate planning and criminal issues, the Law office of Mederos, Ormonde & Rascon is able to help our clients with all of their needs.

General Practice

Leases, Disputes, Property Aquisitions


Leases, Disputes, Property Aquisitions

Our entire firm comes from an agricultural background and is able to assist you with your agricultural related legal issues. We are experienced in agricultural litigation matters, sale and purchase of agriculture real estate, and agriculture based contracts.

Agricultural Law


We provide a broad range of services relating to corporate and business matters, including corporate and other entity formation, joint venture and strategic partnership transactions, business litigation, executive and other employment agreements, and commercial and business agreements. We will evaluate our clients’ business needs and develop innovative legal strategies to help them achieve their goals and resolve their business related problems.

Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

Business Law

Property Disputes, Breach of Contract, etc.


When faced with the aspect of a civil suit, it can sometimes be daunting. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation in all forms from simple breach of contract cases to complex matters requiring multiple expert witnesses. We take pride in providing our clients with the skills necessary to fully prosecute or defend them in most civil matters, while keeping their best interest as our first priority.

Civil Litigation


At Mederos, Ormonde & Rascon, we focus on the needs of families.   From helping clients through difficult times including divorce and child custody arrangements, to helping families grow through adoptions, our attorneys have experience in handling cases simple to complex.  Indeed, not only have our attorneys succeeded in the courtroom, but are always prepared to provide assistance to our clients both in and out of court.

Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

Family Law


Our firm prides itself on not only on our ability to provide the best advice regarding estate planning, but the ability to assist in probate proceedings for our clients when they have lost loved ones. We assist our clients in each of their unique situations and develop the proper estate planning, whether it be in the form of wills or trusts, in order to avoid or minimize estate and gift tax, and to distribute their estate according to their wishes. Our attorneys and paralegals are also able to provide the best advice when it comes to administering trusts and the probate of wills when a loved one has passed.

Estate Management, Property Management, Probate Proceedings

Trust, Wills, & Probate


Credit Unions, Private Collections, Bankruptcy Creditor Collections

There is nothing more frustrating than when someone owes you money and doesn't want to pay. Here at Mederos, Ormonde & Rascon, we are experienced in collections and currently represent approximately twenty different Credit Unions in and around the Central Valley, Eastern Sierra, and Central Coast areas. Our knowledge of the collections process allows us to assist not only Credit Unions, but private individuals in collection matters both at the State and Bankruptcy level.



Real Property Acquisitions, Disputes, Easements, Transfers, etc.

Real Property transactions can be complex and overwhelming, especially when dealing with all the potential liability issues when dealing with Real Property. Our firm is able to assist you in all of your real estate transactions. We regularly assist clients in the review and drafting of sale agreements, transfers to family members, drafting and identification of easements, handling encroachment disputes, and many other issues regarding Real Estate.

Real Property


D.U.I., Possession of Narcotics, Assault, Battery, Felonies, Misdemeanors

Our firm handles various criminal matters ranging from DUI's to serious felonies. We are able to properly navigate the criminal process and will conduct the investigation necessary to properly advise and defend you against criminal accusations. Our experienced attorneys will not shy away from an over-zealous prosecutor and are ready and willing do defend you all the way through trial.

Criminal Law


Mederos, Ormonde & Rascon focuses on the employers side in employment and labor law matters. Our attorneys have defended employers in many types of cases ranging from the single employee who has filed a wrongful termination suit to class action defense for wage and hour issues. Whatever your needs as an employer, we are here to provide knowledge, advice and litigation defense against most employee claims..

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